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FETTY WAP: Crew Shot First 

New details have come to light about a shootout involving Fetty Wap and his crew.TMZ reports that someone from the Remy Boyz camp fired first... The same guy allegedly accidentally shot himself in the thigh during the heated confrontation. The shootout started after Fuzz and his crew followed Fetty and his people into a New Jersey deli. Witnesses say Fuzz pistol-whipped someone on Fetty’s side before jumping and robbing Fetty himself. That’s when one of the Remy Boyz opened fired -- hitting two of Raheem’s goons.Raheem was booked for gun possession and assault, though prosecutors do not believe he actually fired a shot.

KEYSHIA COLE: Returning to Reality

TVLast week, Keyshia Cole surprised fans when she confirmed she’s joined the cast of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood.She broke the news of her return to reality TV by tweeting, But when followers questioned the motivation behind her move, she replied, “Contractually got what we wanted...Overall, she’s optimistic about getting involved with the VH1 show, saying, “The producers seemed cool.”Cole begins filming this week for the reality show’s fourth season, which is expected to air in June. 

CHANCE THE RAPPER: Now HiringChance 

the Rapper is hiring.He's seeking an intern to help handle his business. After he tweeted that he's looking for “someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals,” Chano’s Twitter blew up with thousands of responses. Forget about the 20-page application or a laundry list of pre-requisites. All Chance is asking prospective employees to do is submit “resumes formatted as creative decks, pitches or proposals” to CTRInternSubmissions@Gmail.com.


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