"Going" Natural One Year Later

April 16 2016 I went to an event where tons of Black girls were rocking giant curly fros. I'd always wanted an afro but 1. I wasn't giving up the creamy crack (relaxers)  2. ummm I'm not cutting all of my hair off! I've always had either very long hair (bottom) or a very long weave (top). 

Now here I was watching women with their chemically untreated, au naturale hair and I loved/envyed all of the beautiful kinky hair that surrounded me!  I was ready to join the club. Things were shaky and stressful and I need a change so into the bathroom I went, took down the weave and cut every inch of my hair off!

I was waiting to have that sad, emotional breakdown everybody blogged about when they did the big chop but it never happened. I couldn't care trust me I tried. I did have a sense of relief and a clean slate but no regret and no sadness. I guess because by this point is was just hair. There were days where I was frustrated because I couldn't get it detangled or styled but with research and a Facebook group The Everyday Natural I found a routine to make my fro everything I dreamed of! 

Nowadays I've switched from fro to locs, which has waaay less maintenance involved.

If you're thinking about "going" natural I suggest you do you research. Read enough to learn basic care routines and mosturizing methods but don't feel obligated to any of the tips. It may be overwhelming in the beginning because most of us have only ever taken care of relaxed hair but it gets good when you find YOUR product and YOUR favorite style. You will get ridiculous comments like "you used to be so pretty why'd you cut your hair", this sis is a reflection of their lack of exposure! Brush it off and keep shinning sis you look bomb. There will be people that want to touch your hair and that's where a lot of us draw the line! You are absolutely allowed to strong arm block somebody trying to caresses your tresses because basically they violated every rule in the personal space handbook!


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