Because of the Internet: Insta-Comedy

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We spend so much time scrolling our news feed on social sites we may as well have more good than bad. By bad I'm talking the overly political poster, the whiner, the clueless and overzealous social activist. I only open Instagram when I need a good laugh. With the exception of a few family members, friends, and favorite celebrities, I only follow comedians or self-proclaimed comedians. Here are my 3 favorites in no particular order...slight chance there's a little language so be careful

@danrue and @nicknpattiwhack_ 

@nicknpattiwhack_ and I was trying to be nice and bring Great Value j Cole shoe back.....but This new guy (Russel EastBrooke) tried to get in my way 😈😈😈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @citygear

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"JESS WITH THE MESS" #nickcannon #seinfield #drake #pregnant #bowwow #carmeloanthony #lala #melo #carmelo #jessasscrazy #jessasscrazy #jesswiththemess #jesshilarious_official #jesshilarious TAG A FRIEND

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So I invited my ex boyfriend over for dinner and he was way to greedy for my Liking so I called the cops on him.

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