Kendrick Lamar's Humble the same as Fishing for Likes?

Let me start this by saying I like Kendrick Lamar! This is more about one particular bar than the entire song. In fact, this is less Kendrick, more he sparked the conversation. Still wanna fight me about the title? Hear me out first then comment....

I'm so **** sick and tired of the Photoshop

Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor Show me 

somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks

I heard the song Humble just like anybody else and of course I instantly fell in love with it, that is with the exception of the above line. For me it's yet another trash this, to build that, moment in society. Maybe I'm over thinking this and he never meant it that way but think about it. How often do we harshly criticize Victoria Secret Models and insist they couldn't possibly be REAL women because of course REAL women are never that thin. Sooooo are they robots?

I'v been antiquated with several women who are naturally a size 0 and desperately wish they could gain weight so they can look like one of these "real women".

Do me a favor and scroll your Facebook timeline. How many guys are saying they prefer a natural woman yet you see them commenting on statuses of women they consider unnatural. I'm ready to bet they'll slide in those DM's A-S-A-P but since it's easier to ante up your likes trashing women who may want butt enhancements or contoured cheek bones, you'll copy and paste one of those "natural women statuses" or post a meme about it. 

Don't think I'm unaware women are doing the same thing, I'm VERY well aware. I've been in natural hair groups that bash women who still relax their hair. I've also seen those tables flip and my relaxed sisters tell my kinky curly sisters they'd be pretty if they didn't have nappy hair.

I'm not condoning plastic surgery but I'll never condemn it. It doesn't matter what your hair looks like because this is about what you prefer as a person and it shouldn't be up for discussion!  Is it possible to say, hey that's just not my thing, and move on? Can we coexists as individuals or do we need to all have a uniform look as a group?


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