New Prince Album Friday

There could be new music available Friday from His Purple Majesty but it all depends on Paisley Park and Prince's estate. Believe it or not, the camp doesn't want new music released postmortem. Paisley Park and Prince's estate have paired up to file a federal lawsuit against Boxill, who they claim in court documents "is now trying to exploit one or more songs for his personal gain at the expense of the Prince Estate." The suit seeks the return of the recordings to the Paisley Park and the estate. (5 ABC Eyewitness News)

The title track is already available for streaming on Apple Music. It's a gospel-influenced tune, featuring snippets of Prince's blistering guitar work.

The six songs on the EP were written and produced by Prince and collaborator Ian Boxill between 2006 and 2008, but weren't completed and mixed by Boxill until after Prince's death last year. Aside from the title track, the EP features a medley called "Man Opera" that includes the tracks "I Am," "Touch Me," "Sunrise Sunset" and "No One Else." (Rolling Stone)


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