Because of the Internet: 420, Starbucks, Serena Williams, and Bill O'Reilly

If you haven't already logged out of all social accounts because of trending topic overload you're either part of the problem or have a very high tolerance. Either way here's a rundown today's annoyances that will likely make several appearances in your news feed. 


National weed day will do the opposite of Mary Jane for your nerves. Some states have legalized medicinal use of  marijuana but not recreational, others have legalized both as long as it's under 1 oz and your 21 years old, on the rec side that is. No matter what type of state you live in I'm ready to bet your friends will still flood your news feed with weed selfies, meme's, and references.

Starbucks Unicorn Frap

I've seen mixed reviews but I think I'll wait for the hype and the lines to die before I rush to Starbucks for this one. It's pretty and it sparkles so I'm I the only one who thinks the unicorn drink being released 4.19 isn't a 420 coincidence? 

Serena Williams

I'm here for Serena but I'm over y'all sending for her! She's a woman not a man, her body is just fine, of course she can have a baby and go back to playing tennis! Congratulate her and keep scrolling not trolling

Bill O'Reilly

Everytime I hear Bill O'Riley I also hear Ludacris (hi Mr. O'Reilly). While I hate to give him any attention, I have zero qualms about giving attention to shady tweets 



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