Need a Sex Coach?

So maybe don't rock, Trey-Songz-I-invented-sex confidence. Would you like to? There's a simple fix for that. There's now an "expert" willing to help coach you in the finer points of "standing in it for a minute".

Kenneth Play, who's based in New York City (naturally), charges $870 to come to your home, where he'll watch you and your partner "make ooo baby", then tell you how you can up your game.

Play tells Britain's Sun that most people try to get tips from watching porn, which is a mistake. He says that's "like watching the Fast and Furious to teach you how to drive." Play says, "What I offer is not that much different from watching Martha Stewart how to cook."

And for almost a thousand bucks, I better sing Rihanna Sex with Me Truthfully! (New York Post)



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