Summer 17 Guide to Fine


Can that really be stressed enough? Maybe you follow the 8 cups a day rule, which I don't know if you know this that's about 2 liters of H2O. That's cool but you wanna make sure you're getting the max especially in a Southern summer so here's a link to calculate your water intake based on your weight

Go Out and Play

Take a look at dem babies. They go outside, run, jump, and play all day and you know what else they do? They keep their weight healthy! I am by no means suggesting you lose weight. I'm saying get active and get moving. The scale won't necessarily tell your health but your energy level may be a hint to some unfortunate health problems. So go ahead walk a mile or play with the neighborhood bebe's 

Waist Training

Got little in the middle ambitions and you want to waist train? Okay, go for it but do your research! I found a waist trainer specifically for fitness on Amazon. All it does is create extra heat around my midsection no bindings and i can inhale and exhale as deeply as I need during my workout. The last thing you want while corset or waist training is to constrict your breathing so make sure you get the right fit and understand there are no short cuts! Yes darling, you still have to do some work. 


Now here's the hard part for anybody. You don't have to go cold turkey no feel good food but you should ante up on the good for you foods! You should consume waaay more in the fruit and veggie department than you do in the cheeseburger and fries food group. Protein is your friend so find out what foods are high in protein, low in sugar and become besties!


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