Want to Quit Your Job? Read This First!

I've been where you are, you hate your soul sucking job and you really want to leave and never ever look back! I'm guilty of actually doing just that. I'm not proud of being a no call/no show but I struggled to get out of bed and struggled even harder to walk through the doors of that office everyday (to be fair I only worked there for a month). When the mental and emotional strain is that heavy you probably should quit but there are things to consider....

Every small business and entrepreneurial success story starts with the same cliche statement "I hated my job, I took a risk, I quit, look at my success. It's like an annoying DJ Kahled song you'll never escape!

 That's the surface though. See the key element that is always left out is THEY HAD A VISION!!! Maybe there wasn't a fool proof plan and let's be honest, the struggle is so real! There was, however, a vision that required a plan and they were ready to fold their bad hand for the chance at getting dealt better cards! SOOOO

1. Get a vision

2. Make a plan for the vision ( be realistic, you're not going to start selling tshirts today and buy a mansion tomorrow)   

3. Check your funds and have something saved

4. Be afraid but do it anyway

I've been scared to try everything I've ever tried but I still mustered up (or faked) some confidence and Naomi Campbell walked into my purpose!

This post is inclusive so let's say you're cool with working for somebody but you could stand to do better. Have you ever checked your attitude? There are times when the problem isn't the problem at all. In fact our attitude concerning the problem makes it 10x's worse! There is nothing wrong with wanting to up your game but make sure you've got the work ethic to back up what you're asking for. 


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