Oreo Featuring Pop Rocks?

Nabisco refuses to let the classic Oreo just be great! I mean upgrade the OG to double stuffed? YESSSSSS

The Peep Easter Oreo was a disaster so I don't have much hope for this 4th of July Oreo. The all-new limited-edition Firework Oreos are landing on store shelves today. It's a regular chocolate sandwich cookie with creme filling, but with rainbow-colored popping candy (think Pop Rocks) mixed into the middle to provide a little spark. But there's more big news for Oreo-lovers. Nabisco knows the sky's the limit when it comes to creating new flavors and the company is letting fans choose the next one by entering their flavor idea using the hashtag #MyOreoCreationcontest. The winner will get $500,000 and "unprecedented fan access to top secret Oreo creations." (People)


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