When to Go Celibate

It seems celibacy is becoming a trend among women who've had enough! Not sure you're really up to try it? Almost two years in, I can assure you it's not half as hard as you've convinced yourself it is.

I got tired of empty one night stands and I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't wish it was over quickly every single time with every single person! After some soul searching I realized I needed to chill because I had no idea what I was doing.

I don't know about you but I can't have sex no strings attached. Maybe you cant either but you say it because it sounds like a dope line from a Rihanna song. If that's the case, sis cut it out.

The first thing I needed to do was figure out why I kept going down this road and address what I really wanted. I also had to get real with myself about what sex was. It's not just physical,it's emotional, and spiritual even! I was using it as a bribe though. You know the age old story want the guy to like you, have sex. Want to convenience him to see it your way, have sex etc....

I needed to detox from my partners, who also had no idea there was more to sex than a pretty face and a orgasm, and get real with my expectations because real life it not a Trey Songz video. 

So you want sex with a purpose? Before you take a trip to the sheets or vacay in Celibacy check this list

1. Are you doing this because you actually want to or because you feel you need to

2. Am I comfortable with this person, like can I expose my freak or have an open conversation about expectations without being nervous

3. Really diggin them but not sure if they like you or your vagina? Get a clear answer because you can't sex somebody into long term liking you...well not in a healthy way at least

4. If you end up pregnant can you really deal with this person FOREVER! I mean I know kids are independent at 18 but there's the whole awkward gradation pictures possibility.... 


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