Binge Worthy Spring and Summer

Netflix releases so many original shows, and docu-series it can be hard to weed out what's worth watching! Mind if I help?

1. Get Me Rodger Stone- You may or may not be here for the 45th President but would you be interested in learning about a plot for presidency years in the making? Sometimes knowing you enemy is the best strategy for a win. Roger Stone is here to be your enemy!


Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive- He's baaaccckkk! Tracy Morgan makes his return in the Netflix comedy special. In 2014, the comedian suffered life threathing injuries after a Walmart operated tractor-trailer collided with his minibus. Morgan's friend and collaborator, James McNair, died in the crash. Staying Alive is set to be a must-see special as the comic makes his comeback


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Like awkward, cheesy, and inappropriate humor? Well it's time to binge watch the first two season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt so you're ready for season 3! I pretty much watch for Titus in fact he inspired the official teaser


Orange is the New Black- If you are willing to show up for season 5 after Poussey's death in season 4, June is your month. So how does the Prison stand off end? Well maybe you can get a few clues from the trailer...


The Keepers- did you get caught up in the docu-series Making a Murder? Well another series about murder is making it's way to Netflix. The only thing the two series have in common is murder and Netflix docu-series but check the trailer! 



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