The Worlds Greatest Play Shoes

My two year old son LOVES outside. He wakes up ready to hit the yard and play. Over the past few months I've invested in several pairs of play shoes that never survive my tots back yard adventures. The kid like dirt and water and some times dirt mixed in water so cloth material was a no no, did I metion cloth material shoes wear too quickly. While leather rinses a little better getting them wet isn't always the best idea for next day play. Well I'm sure I found the perfect pair thanks to a Stride Rite commercial!

The shoes are called Phibian®. They kinda remind me of Crocs® except these seem to be durable in comparison. Phibian® is part sandal but mostly shoe. The first day of wear I put them to the test. He jumped in the pool and like any child his age jumped out and ran to play with something else, dirt! 

By the time he was ready to go inside, he'd gotten them wet, dirty, and grassy. No biggie I just rinsed them and dried them with a towel. They come in tons of colors and sizes. The best part is they look nice enough to be more than a backyard shoe so I'm buying a pair for Preschool in August.



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