Dating While Lonely is Probably a Bad Idea

Raise your hand if you dated somebody because you were bored, or needed the attention, how about lonely! 

It makes perfect sense to date because your lonely right? I mean why else decide to go on a date or to jump into a relationship when you're perfectly happy in solitude.

Oh darling, you don't date while lonely because there's a giant chance you'll date an idiot! Think about your exes, obviously they didn't work for a reason and I'm ready to bet they all didn't work for similar reasons. See that's the thing about going from relationship to relationship without taking a TLC-self-vacay, you never really have a moment to asses the situation so you can do better next time!

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

I almost never respond to guys in my DM on social media but lonely had me entertaining some serious knuckle heads! I even signed up for online dating! I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a little eHarmony action but I've seen enough episodes of Catfish to recognize I had plenty of them messaging me! I even reconsidered a few exes that I knew dam well I had no business in contact with! It was worse that drunk Drake in Marvin's Room

The feeling of loneliness absolutely sucks and you may think you could stand a distraction. Possibly, or maybe address the lonely? Getting into your feelings is messy business but once you're on the other side you may find you're actually better. Take your time baby! Figure out what you want and go get it! You'll find you compromise your importance less when you don't feel rushed to fill a void because there won't be one!


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