Bralett Summer 17

You've seen them, lacy, super cute, and zero support, the Bralett.

I'm a DD so of course I immediately knew this was not made with my boobs in mind but I still wanted one! I would also like one of those stick on bras with the draw string in the front for backless shirts but again that's not my lane. So exactly why in Gods name would I get excited and actually purchase one? They had it in "my size" so obviously fashion is finally including my cup overflow in trends....

When I first put it on I was pretty confident, I mean what woman doesn't feel sexy in a black lace bra. Things quickly when down hill. I bent over to tie my shoes and EVERYTHING fell out! THE CUP WAS EMPTY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I stuff everything back in and proceed because there is no way this could get worse...ha yea right.

In my 10 minute drive to work I adjusted this satanic garment 5 times and I hadn't moved much. 2 hours in and I'm convinced this bralett is trying to embarrass me. My shirt material is thin so the boobage that is spilling out of the front and sides of this supposed DD bralett is a little embarrassing. I mean I knew this was invented for the itty bitty titty committee but THEY HAD MY SIZE! I mean bralett and bra less are pretty much the same thing at this point! Will I ever wear it again...of course! Outside of the weird shape it's giving my boobs, it looks great across my back. I'll just wear a thicker shirt next time.


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