The Spot Jay-O

Mobile, AL native turned Texas transplant Jarvis Sigler, better known by his stage name Jay-O, is not a rapper. 28 years of living has exposed Jay to a melting pot of people that directly effect his music.

When asked about being a rapper Jay-O will quickly correct you explaining he identifies more as an artist than a rapper.

 If I like the beat I will make a hit, whether its country, techno, rock or rap. I look at music as truly an art form.

Music as a hobby started in 2010 but the his love of music has been present since his childhood recording his favorite songs off the radio for his personal cassette mix tapes. I'm sure a number of those tapes have tracks from the late rapper Tupac Shakur, Jay-O credits Pac as a major influence. 

Jay's new single featured tonight in The Spot "Live It Up" is a pretty good example of his versatility as an artist. The song feels pre-Badu Common so get ready for this great message and postive vibes. He describes his style of music as a mix of West Coast, Trap, and techno/reggae. 

I have always had an ear for music, always loved it, always been able to tell if a song is gonna be a hit or not when I first listen to it. I try not to cuss much in my music because I do want to have more of a positive image and I want my music to be universal. I want my music to be able to appeal to ALL audiences, not just this crowd or that crowd. I like making turn up songs as well but I like a challenge. I just feel like music is inside me, its in my blood, and I just want to be able to share my talent with the world and be known as an artist that never disappoints.

Twitter: man_of_steel251

Youtube: 251jarvis

IG:  jayo_theartist

Snapchat: Jarvis251



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