You Wanna be What!?

When I was a kid I told my parents I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. I meant veterinarian but somehow the universe took me seriously and I eat little to no meat.

Thanks to the internet you can look forward to dressing your kid as a YouTube star for Career Day.

A new survey asked kids between six and 17 years old what they want to be when they grow up.  And the number one answer is . . . YouTube star.  More than ONE-THIRD of them say that's their dream job.


Here's the full top 12 . . .


1.  YouTube star, 34%.


2.  Blogger or vlogger, 18%.


3.  Musician or singer, 16%.


4.  Actor, 16%.


5.  Filmmaker, 14%.


6.  Doctor or nurse, 13%.


7.  TV host, 12%.


8.  Athlete, 12%.


9.  Teacher, 12%.


10.  Writer, 8%.


11.  Lawyer, 6%.


12.  Model, 4%. 


Ladies and gentlemen the future of our country.....


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