Protecting Lady Parts Summer '17

Sweat is inevitable during the summer. If you sit for long periods of time either at work or for travel purposes you can bet your lower lady parts will experience sweat. It's not a subject you want to discuss but there are ways to combat girl bits sweat and keep the smells away.

1. Go Cotton or Commando

Cotton is a breathable fabric which is why your gynecologist suggests you buy your underwear 100% cotton. Now you can still go lace or silk for THOSE nights but the majority of you underwear inventory should be cotton. Going without is also ideal. You don't have to do it publicly, although if you did who would know, night time is the right time. If you're not completely comfortable going bare bottom, loose shorts and no undies are the way to go.

2. Ditch the Flowery Soaps.

There are gynos who will tell you, you don't need soap in your arena at all, to each it's own. If you do insist on soaps try one that has your PH in mind. Several brands like Summer's Eve, RepHresh, or Vagisil have feminine washes that specialize in PH balance and odor prevention. Each brand also carries feminine wipes that are a worthy investment when you need a quick refresh during the day.

3. Wax, Shave, Lotion; Just Go Hairless

Hair traps odor better that Kathy Bates in Misery. Waxing is not half as pain as you may believe but you have to find a method that works for you. I know a number of women that choose to shave. Be aware razor bumps are possible but there are products to combat that. If shaving becomes your preferred method remember to keep the skin moisturized and take time in between shaves to reduce the chance of razor irritation or ingrown hairs. Nair is one of many brands that sell a bikini hair removal cream. Like any hair removal method, there are pros and cons so research which brand works best with your skin.

4. Loosey Goosey is the Motto

Skinny jeans, leggings, and tight shorts are a breeding ground for trouble! Just like anything in life moderation is key. You don't have to give up your fashions but you shouldn't wear them often if you want to avoid yeast infections and down low sweat. The days you opt for tighter clothing commando may be a good idea.

5. Though Shalt Have A Condom

It may not be everybody favorite sex-cessory but don’t forget the condoms. Not only will it prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs but it will keep your vagina’s pH levels in check and cut down your chances of suffering from yeast infections. Also do not doze off immediately after a heated romp session. Wash your private parts to reduce your chances of an infection.


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