Jordan Converse Up For Bid

What if I told you $100,000 was the price tag for the newest Jordans, would you buy them? What if I clarified they aren't the Nike style Jumpmans they're actually his shoes and Converse, interested now? Ok, lets go further and add info like they're autographed and from the 1984 Olympics?

The shoes are currently up for auction.  They're size 13, and they're considered in great condition . . . especially after taking into account their age and the wear and tear of actual game use. And to make them even MORE rare, they're CONVERSE.  Shortly after the Olympics, Jordan signed his legendary deal with Nike.

The 1984 Olympics went down the summer BEFORE Jordan made his NBA debut with the Chicago Bulls.  He led the team in scoring, with 17.1 points per game, and the U.S. won the Gold Medal, with Spain taking the Silver.


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