All About The "B" and "H" Word..Let's Go "W" Too

On a daily basis, scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I can count at least 10 males statutes in a row that refer to women as; bitches, hoes, or whores. I'm bothered by it because unfortunately the statues are generally centered around dating or sex. Are we really giving our hearts and body's to these "gentlemen"? Sadly the answer is yes. 

No this is not a post to bash men so save your Steve Harvey/Tyrese antics for another lady who's inclined to argue with you. This issue at hand is respect. "How can I respect you when you don't respect yourself" is a common statement that annoys me to no end. Why do you get to decide MY level of SELF-respect?


Yes, women have been known to throw all three terms around as terms of endearment for friends and family. I've also seen Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives so I'm aware of the aggressive use. This, however, is not a question of general use but a relationship/dating use so try and stay on subject. Too many times I'm seeing used as a way to belittle women in conversations about love, sex, and dating behaviors from both sexes, yet somehow it stings a little more when I see guys do it. It's like when you're at a BBQ and all of your black attendants are throwing around the "N" word, oh, but sweet little baby Jesus lying in a manger if a white person rolls up on the scene and throws out this word, all hell is going to break loose! See the issue now? If not let me explain. History has a way of showing the term wasn't used so nicely by other groups so we assume "those are fighting words". Same thing, I can't say I've ever had a lover politely call me a bitch and set my heart on fire and give me butterflies. 

I got all day. Let's argue!


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