Pole Fitness First Timer

I've been intrigued by the idea of a Pole Fitness class for years. Like most people who avoid them, I figure this is about sex and hoeing it up, but I was still curious and a little envious of women who decided to take them anyway. While I'm on this "how Stella got here groove back" journey I figure I might as well go for it.

I've never been known for my sex appeal because I don't have any!

This is was the push I needed to take a risky class like pole dancing. I went in open minded not expecting anything and the class was EVERYTHING! 

Gemini Studious was the location and studio owner, Ayla, was the teacher. Married women, professional women, and mommies were all present and accounted for in this class.

My inexperience did not matter because the atmosphere had me confident as hell. Yes, there was sultry music, yep there was some slight sexiness involved but it wasn't uncomfortable, it was empowering! I got a "pole name", Sugar Baby, and I learned basic pole moves like The Fireman Spin. I have no grace and remember no sex appeal so I started clumsy and sloppy but with a group of dope encouraging women, I walked out of the class a member and a graceful spinner! Did I mention the benefits of a full body work out!? I'm sore like I worked hard but I didn't, I had fun.  If you've thought about a pole class STOP THINKING AND GO DO IT! You may be surprised at how much confidence and woman power you walk away with in one class!



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