Thick Thighs; The Good, Bad, and Painful

Even before big, healthy, country thighs were being ordered at the plastic surgeon's office I rocked a pair. I don't actually remember a moment in my life where my thighs weren't Siamese twins.  No, I do not have thigh gap ambitions, who am I to separate the wonder twins after this life long partnership. 

Last summer I took a trip to Washington D.C. and decided for the first time in forever I would wear shorts. Clearly, I wasn't in my right mind because why on earth would I, without any protective barrier, think I could casually stroll from monument to monument no problem. I had never been so happy to get back to my hotel and throw on a pair of jeans in 100-degree weather in my life!

If you're thinking you really want the thickness there's good news and bad news....

1. The Rub Pain is Real


There are all kinds of chaffing creams available on the market and baby powder is just as useful but if you're looking for something you've already go on hand try your deodorant (be advised, in really hot weather I had to reapply every 30 minutes.)

2. Pants Splitting or Not Fitting


I can't tell you how many pairs of jeans I have gon through or are just hanging on by a prayer because my thighs rubbed a hole in them. Don't tell me it's because I bought them cheap. Even the expensive one, while they last longer, STILL SPLIT!

Don't get me started on started cute pants in your size that doesn't make it past you thighs or you can pull them up but they're so tight around the twins you can map your veins and the journey of blood flow. I'll just wear leggings and stretch jeans

3. Your Thighs Eat Your Shorts,


4. Thigh High Anything

Let me began with haaaaaaaaaaa, and proceed to inform you that over the knee boots or shoes are our friends because ain't nobody got time to have their flesh cut into by a zipper. I'll add, they're going to roll down anyway so whats your point.

5. Good News is You're Healthier

 Carrying extra weight on your hips, bum and thighs is good for your health, protecting against heart and metabolic problems, UK experts have said.


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