Because of the Internet: #GlobalHipHopDay

But if it wasn't for the Bronx this rap s*** probably never would be going on ....-Lord Tariq

Yesterday 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, known as the birthplace of hip-hop, was renamed Hip Hop Blvd. Hip-Hop was on the up and up throughout the Bronx, 1520 was a starting point where Clive Campbell, later known as DJ Kool Herc, threw parties in the community room. 

On August 11, 1973, Herc spun the turntables at a back-to-school, birthday party for his sister in the recreation center and Theodore Puccio, credited as the first MC, helped MC the party. Months of practice prepared Herc to give birth to Hip Hop with a few legendary faces in the place; Coke La Rock, Grandmaster Caz, leader of the Cold Crush BrothersGrandmaster FlashBusy BeeAfrika BambaataaSheri SherMean GeneRed Alert, and KRS-One. 

Yesterday was the first Global Hip Hop Day with pioneers and current artists alike present for the inaugural celebration. 



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