Overwhelmed? Time for a Soulcation

There are vacations, baecations, and freindcations but what about a little getaway for your soul?

The exhaustion has been so real this week and by yesterday afternoon running on fumes was an understatement. Between over exposure to politics, late nights and early mornings, soul-sucking celebrity gossip, misogyny, and depressing local news I needed a break from my social media feed!

I put down the phone went outside and played in the mud with my two-year-old. I went for hours unreachable and it not only gave me a much-needed recharge, it reminded me to be grateful for things I've overlooked, and peace of mind.

Need to ditch the anxiety? Disconnect and have a soul-cation! You don't have to go anywhere just get away from the chatter and take care of yourself. Eat good food, wear comfy clothes, listen to great music. Today's troubles will still exist tomorrow but you'll tackle them better when your mind is relaxed and your heart is clear!

P.S. You can still be successful working 12hrs a day and getting 8hrs of rest. Don't buy the work 24/7 hype. Sleepy people make mistakes. Don't risk your future. 


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