Music Crush Monday

Oh, how I've missed Amy Whinehouse! Mellow melodies and raunchy rough lyrics all honest and vulnerable. It should be no surprise I enjoy SZA debut album CTRL. She's no rookie but several delays (4 years worth) makes her a technical new artist. The ungraded insecurities of dating (more like Netflixs and chill)  SZA delivers on "Drew Berrymore" made it one of my favorites. "Doves in the Wind" ft.Kendrick Lamar is another favorite because; it talks about the vagina, it has Kendrick Lamar, it's bold discussion of gentlemen's pursuit of the it had a cool vibe and compared the vagina to doves.



If you know me you know I've LOVED Jhene Aiko since she pretended to be related to a B2K member for publicities sake. Her music always gives "you can smoke to this" feels and generally discuss 2of3 of my favorite subjects; love and weed (you already know the third from the above discussion). With a cute visual and sweet lyrics Jhene discusses unconditional love in "While We're Young", the lead track off her second solo effort soon to come.


That's enough for the mellow, let's speed things up a bit with Vic Mensa. The Manuscript dropped this weekend, 4 songs, 16 minutes, that's it. "OMG" ft Pusha T is my undisputed favorite! The beat, the construction, the bar delivery, everything was perfect! 




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