Because of the Internet: Amanda Seals

Amanda Seals best known for her role as Tiffany on HBO's Insecure is viral #BlackGirlMagic. Katy Perry hosted a Live Youtube "Dinner and Discourse" session with Seals, Caitlynn Jenner, Van Jones, Margaret Cho, Sally Kohn, Anna Navarro and Yung Skeeter. I wish I could say I saw the whole broadcast but I'm currently not checking for sister Perry or her "woke" shenanigans. However, just like most people on the internet I got the chance to see Amanda Seals in all her melanin glory check Jenner and her privilege at the doe!

If somehow you missed the viral video don't worry I got you boo, here's a recap


Now Amanda expressed on her IG story she thought she would be dragged for sharing her opinion with Jenner but nah sis you were felt!



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