What is Sexual Liberation?

**Language in Some Post**

Let's talk about sex...ual liberation that is. Of course, this conversation started because of Amber Rose and her infamous post about normalizing the "bush" or as Samuel L. Jackson once called it the snappy-nappy-dugout. 

Generally, my best friend and I see eye to eye on things but with this subject, we experienced a disconnect. Now keeping it 100 we can disagree and still be thick as thieves so don't think there's any love lost or we at all we're hostile in our responses. 

I'm currently taking a journey towards my own liberation and definition of sex and love but I have a base idea and it can be summed in one word FREEDOM. If I personally call it sex or define it as sexual, behavioral or clothing, then that's what it is. I get to personally define it and it doesn't have to match societal norms. Not a single living breathing (or zombie) person gets to tell me that's a no. If I'm safely engaging with more than one partner consensually then you don't get to question my morals, level of self-respect, and you certainly don't get the shame me because what I do doesn't line up with you morals, values, beliefs, ideas, principles, religion etc...

Now let's be clear about what I mean when I say "safe" sex because I'm not just referring to condoms. I believe every sexual act has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ramifications. I haven't always responsibly chose my partners because I didn't always have this information, hence the below meme my bestie shared with me highlighting our mutual approach.


Now while I feel free to engage with; whomever, whenever, and as many as ever, I also choose to chill because I want to chill. If I change my mind so be it. These are my views now here's our very public conversation. You can skip to the Ajia/Arielle thread and save some time lol



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