Could Women Who Make the First Move be More Successful at Dating?

I have several life mantras; what's the worst that could happen, I usually say this right before all hell breaks lose, and if I want it I go get it. Yes, I absolutely apply this to my dating life. If I'm interested and I know he's available I make a move.

I know it's socially unacceptable and unfeminine *rolls eyes KeKe Wyatt style* but I can't tell you how many guys over the years have slid in my DM's just to tell me they wish they made a move back in high school, college, etc. A few times I screamed, THE ATTRACTION WAS MUTUAL YOU SHOULD'VE BUST A MOVE. I didn't make a move either so I'm just as much to blame for missing my potential soul mate. 

I don't care for social rules anyway so I'm more than happy to go rouge and use cheesy Fresh Prince pickup lines but the question stands will it make my dating life more successful? According to a survey on OkCupid YES!

The popular dating app OkCupid says an analysis of its user data found that women on the site who initiate conversations online are 2 ½ times more likely to get a response than are men who make the first move. It also says that the replies those women receive will be from more what it describes as more desirable men.

Here's the issue, according to AskMen that really applies to online dating. Men getting hit on by women in a bar complain they feel emasculated and a bunch of other ego stuff. I wonder, if I conducted my own survey what would the gentlemen say?

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