The Love/Hate Relationship of Birth Control

I think I started a form of birth control in high school, I can't actually remember when to be honest I just remember why. Think about it high school aged preachers daughter fresh out of the ugly duckling stage with a real boyfriend. No, my parents were not here for me dating because it was still off limits doesn't mean I didn't try it anyway.Now the story I gave my mom was I needed birth control for my period but she wasn't Zipperhead Fred so she knew the business but let me get it anyway. 

The first form of birth control I used was the Nuva Ring then eventually the patch, the pill, and an IUD. All of them had their very on cons like the patch left this ugly light patch perfectly marking it perimeters and the pill I could never remember to take. The IUD was the worst! I picked up 35 pounds fooling around with that stupid stick. I was leery about giving it up though because it made Aunt Flo go MIA!

Now we're all aware weight gain is one of the side effects of birth control (among hella others that are waaay more serious but VANITY) but is it the hormone in the contraceptive that makes you gain weight? Yes and no. The Mirena insert I had released a hormone call progesterone. Since I had an imbalance of estrogen and progestogen my appetite increased and losing weight became harder. I had it removed about a week ago and no there was no miracle weight loss but now my diet and exercise routine seem to be working. Also be aware of the emotional side effects that come with starting and stopping birth control. I found this site helpful when I needed to reevaluate what contraceptive would work best for me, Center for Young Women's Health.


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