Smart Toys

Chrismas is like 5 or fewer months away and I started shopping early. I beat the crowds, I don't risk the item being out of stock, I don't go into debt and last no layaway lines! Like most parents, I want a toy that's fun but educational because I have Ivey Leauge ambitions for my kid but I'll settle for a full academic scholarship.

At the top of my list is the Smart Toy Monkey. Good for ages 3-8 this little square head know it all can damn near babysit your kid. It tells stories, creates playtime adventures, interacts wit your kid like it's not a robot. This toy is the least expensive only sending for $60 of your coinT.


So you have a kid that's a little more mature or you're like my mom and have issues with her grandson playing with monkey's, no worries there's a dinosaur for that. Meet the CogniToys Dino. It's pretty much the same concept but the added bonus this cheesy joke telling T-Rex is like Google. Now, this toy is $100 but it's worth it when you don't have to make up ridiculous explanations (because you have no idea) for why the moon, yellow, lamb chops, and grasshoppers? Plop that kid in front of this Jurassic descendant and let him answer EVERYTHING.



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