Skip Your Interview, Be a Hero


One time I was late for a job interview because my planned outfit was too little. In my defense, it had been like 5 years since I'd been on an interview so no I didn't invest in a new fit and that's not a good enough excuse to be late when trying to prove you're employable. 

Aaron Tucker, on the other hand, had the greatest reason ever! Aaron, trying to get his life straight after completing a prison sentence is on the right track after going from felon to hero.

He served 22 months in jail on a weapons conviction and came out with his GED and a commitment to better his life and provide for his 21-month-old son. He's been living at a halfway house until he could get a job and start making some money.

He was ready to take that big first step toward a better life last Wednesday, but something happened on the way to his job interview.

Aaron was riding the bus to a BBQ restaurant to meet with the manager when he saw a car hit a tree and flip over. The bus stopped and Aaron jumped off and rushed to the driver's aid. He pulled him from the wreckage, took off his own dress shirt and wrapped it around the man's head to stop the bleeding. He stayed with him until an ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Aaron ended up missing his interview and the job he so desperately needed. But he said, "I feel like a job can come and go, but a life is a one-time thing. The job just wasn't in my mind at that time."

Well, there's good news for Aaron. Since word got out about his heroics, he's received several job offers and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help him out. So far it's raised $50,000. (USA Today)


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