Internet Inspirations

Social media gets a bad rap most of the time. Some times you log on and the negativity and dramatics meet you at the doe (door)

Hella studies have been done to warn us how bad social media is for our emotions and I agree...slightly. You can control your network and what you see! My cast of characters is a mix of regular people I know or never met and celebrities of course. The thing they all have in common is a lack of dramatics but a slew of funny stories or inspiring moves. 

My mentor in my head Ava DuVernay posted Sunday about working in a male dominated industry as a woman i.e. my life.


Or a woman I've followed on every social site for a while because she's such a dope soul. No, she's not a celebrity and I've never met her in person but this post was pretty moving and it's universal if you think about it.

Social media can actually be a pretty useful tool if you remember quality instead of quantity. Just like you don't have to be friends with everybody in real breathing life, you also don't have to accept every friend request. 


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