The Spot: Neighbors Through The Wall


Hit play and thank me later! Before the end of Neighbors Through The Wall's first verse, my brain was on hella woke! I was ready to write Nas and inform him hip hop is very much alive and having sessions with Neighbors.

I Am Blind is one of the many tracks from the self described "big brother" artist.

I want to be a big brother figure for my listeners. I try to tell fun stories you can visualize and sprinkle advice in them. The message is to do as I say not as I do.

With a background in poetry and acting to lead the way music was, of course, Neighbors Through The Wall's next, and let me add best, move. Let's see actor/poet turned rap artist sound familiar? I'll give you a hint Donald Glover. 

Childish Gambino was the first rapper I felt I could relate to before I ever knew about his acting career oddly enough. Im also influenced by my surroundings meaning my city of Mobile, AL. The rain and the people.

If you listened to Tyler the Creators latest album and enjoyed it I can assure you, you'll want to find more of his music. Mellow tunes but hard hitting lyrics reminiscent of the decade where hip hop artist made bold political and social statements Neighbors Through The Wall is rightfully this weeks The Spot artist. 

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