Period Alternatives

Do any of us really want to have this conversation? I mean besides those shiny, happy, ridiculously glowing women in feminine product commercials. Unfortunately, darling, it's real ass life and once a month we have to deal. 

So here's the business, tampons and Toxic Shock Syndrome are a real possibility so I avoid them like the plague


Now we're hearing maxi pads are not a great alternative either! I mean I'm not super sure how legit half the research is, I'm always hella skeptical about "naturalist" research, but I've been over pads forever! 

So in comes this new idea of period panties. They are specially lined non-desposable undies that soak up you know the "stuff" and they're still super cute. Now I've never tried but I have given it some thought since the period cup seems scary af. Here's a blog I found helpful that originally appeared on XONecole.


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