Amazon's Black America an Alternative to HBO's Confederate

William Packer (Straight Outta Compton) is partnering with Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder to create the answer to HBO's Confederate, called Black America. While Confederate visits a victorious south still flourishing in slavery McGruder and Packer take a completely different approach.

 Black America takes place in a universe where the South has seceded from the Union. the Amazon show focuses on freed slaves who form their own country, New Colonia, out of the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, given to them as reparations for the country's original sin.

New Colonia has been at peace with the United States for twenty years following 150 years of fighting. But their newfound accord is endangered by an economic role reversal: the new country has emerged as a new global power player as America slides into decline. -USA Today

The fact that Aaron McGruder is a part of the project helps me breathe a little easier about the project. With all the racial tension in the country right now both shows could possibly be problematic. The Boondocks history has me completely confident this project will be politically correct and ruffle feathers on both sides. But tell me where you ever found the lie in a Boondocks episode?  


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