Netflix: The First Time I Saw Myself

I live for a good Netflix documentary! The only one I haven't seen is What the Health because I want to remain blissfully unaware about my cheeseburger. 

When I saw their newest release, The First Time I Saw Myself, I got so excited. Then I started to wonder have I ever saw myself in a character? There was Lisa Bonet's character Denise on The Cosby show I always gain comparison to. Bonet's character and I look nothing alike but the quirky, weird, middle-class black chick, forever doing something side eye worthy is definitely me.

Still, I didn't feel like I actually saw myself in a character until just recently. I'm definitely a Being Mary Jane hot mess. Again, awkward-quirky black girl magic definitely helps me see myself in Issa Rae's character on Insecure. If you've ever seen The Incredible Jessica James (Netflix movie) I AM ALLLLLL JESSICA JAMES!!!

Now I wonder, in what moment did you first see yourself when you saw movies and tv?



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