Note to Self August Week 2

Monday was a hell of a day! My son started K3 which meant I had to juggle running home to pick him up, getting him to school, soothing him through the separation meltdown, and getting back to work in a 45min time frame.

I'd also come up with this brilliant idea that I was going to get a run in before I picked him up for school. *life inserts hurdle* If my daily list of work responsibilities wasn't long enough already I had an event added out of the blue that required me to park a van at the mall (across the street) and return for it later. Now van drop off was cool, I had a coworker follow me over and bring me back to my car. Pick up not so much.

With the length of the day and having this new responsibility meant my planned run was not about to happen...or was it. Since I had to get the van from the mall across the street, which by the way is still a 15min trip since it's across the street on the opposite side, I decided to use it as my run time.

If life had taught me nothing else it has taught me whatever I aspire to do will get done. Here's the funky part the GOAL happens but the process doesn't look anything like my blue print. The fact that things don't go according to plan always freaks me out but God has a way of reminding me in my dramatic, "WHY WON'T YOU HELP ME" moments, faithfulness is his thing so chill and trust me. 

Note to Self: The goal is the mission the details can be flexible! 


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