Reclaiming My Coin: Workout Bra Revelation

I've finally gotten back to running. Now that I'm training for a half marathon (13.1 miles) I've gotta reup on my equipment. When I say equipment I mean clothing and by clothing, my main concern is the bra! I love cut functional tights and tanks as much as the next girl but with double D's I have a different focus.

Most of the time I go to sporting goods stores and drop $60+ on Nike sports bras because they keep things in place, the bounce around is painful. Now since I've found out that at times I can buy cheap make up that looks just as good as any MAC or Smashbox, I've been trying it with all my products.

This weekend I'm in Walmart because I've replaced my cute over priced Fabletic tights for a more budget friendly just as cute Danskin tights. I decided to give a Walmart sports bra a try, no not the 3 pack darling that's reserved for the itty bitty titty committee. It's an Avia High Support bra that cost me $12. Yes I was skeptical but after a run, I was ready to buy 100 more


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