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DMX: Requests Permission to Perform While on House Arrest

DMX is looking for a way out of his house arrest restrictions.

According to TMZ, X's lawyer Murray Richman is seeking the court's permission to let him leave home get off and perform shows this month and next in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

The judge nixed the first date in Atlanta because there wasn't a week's notice. The rapper's probation officers are lobbying against letting him travel for the additional dates, because they feel it will disrupt his drug program. 

Richman argues that his client needs to make these dates because he has 15 kids to feed.

LeBRON JAMES: Denies Departure From Cleveland

There have been some reports about the future of LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He becomes a free agent at the end of the upcoming season.

Sportswriter Chris Sheridan‏ tweeted, (quote) “NBA source said today: ‘This will be LeBron's final season in Cleveland. He is 100% leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair.’"

However, three friends close to LeBron called it "fake news." In particular his relationship with the basketball team’s owner is on solid ground. Though, LeBron has expressed his frustration this off-season.

50 Cent Says He Leaked ‘Power’ Episode: ‘Ratings Up Another 10 Percent’

And finally, 50 Cent says that he’s the one who leaked the episodes. It’s all part of his marketing strategy.

“POWER Ratings up another 10 percent for episode 408,” he wrote on Instagram. “They glad I leaked the shit now. LOL #SAVAGELIFE Now watch what I do on BET. #50Centralbet.”

His late night variety show, 50 Central will air on BET on Sept. 27.


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