ISSA Vibe and a Job

Are you one of those people always posting about positive vibes? What if I told you, you could make up to $85,000 a year setting positive vibes in an office space. 

The job was created by a public relations tech group called Bateman. The job literally ask for a "vibe manager" and even provides a description of job requirements. 

3) Managing Vibe Squad Programs and Budgets

You will play a key role in nurturing our culture by producing:

  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations and Happy Hours
  • Brown Bag Professional Development Lunches
  • Quarterly Agency Outings
  • Healthy Office options (including stocking the kitchen with a variety of healthy snacks, and researching/coordinating healthy office activities, such as lunch-time yoga, chair massages, etc.)
  • Agency parties
  • Fill in the Blank, really!

Pretty much you build the morale that makes people want to come to work every day all smiley, happy, and shiny. Who needs a vacation with a great work atmosphere!? You're making hella coin because you know how to make people happy at WORK.

While there are no current openings for Vibe Management just keep searching because now you know you know you can honestly make money doing ANYTHING.


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