Unapologetic Magically Black

Regardless of the state of things I've yet to lose my pride in being a black woman. First of all, it took me years to obtain this pride and I'll be dam if I let anything or body take it away. Watching tv and seeing characters that look and feel more like me and the people I interact with, not just maids, strippers, slaves, the sidekick best friend with an attitude and red ahir. Don't get me wrong those stories are a requirement but that's not the only narrative *side eyes Hollywood*

on August 17 Brandy and Lana Gordon (Broadway heavyweight i.e. The Lion King) starred in a revival of Chicago. Before that night two black lead actresses hadn't played side by side!


Then there's last nights (Aug 23) celebration of being black and female known as Black Girls Rock on BET. The amount of young and old, celebrity and ordinary fem, out here making movements for the culture was extremely inspiring! These women spoke a language that was familiar. They had addressed social and political movements. Auntie Maxine with grace and find-you-somebody-to-play-with attitude became my favorite moment. I woke up this morning ready to make a move to continue to push the forward our story. The one that reads, we are magic, we are capable, when oppressed we don't crumble we excel. The story we are now telling further contradicts popular beliefs we are less than, hand out searching, baby mommas. I offer zero apologies for my melanin and I won't tone down my pride anytime soon. Don't worry about not seeing my color, I think it's dope and I want you to see it. Instead, worry about less oppression, less exclusion. 



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