#TheSpot: Yung Donn

The most successful artist in the industry had authenticity to thank for their musical tenure and new comer Yung Donn has embodied the element. The Mobile native tapped Friday, Aug 25th as the release date of his newest mixtape Reminiscing

Donn's first single Dream feels like a true story because it is. When asked what inspires his music he'll simply respond, life. 

Just going through so many different obstacles in life made me want to write music and express the different struggles that I have experienced.

Naming YFN Lucci as an inspiration Yung Donn doesn't just stick to rap he doesn't mind showing off his vocal range with a little singing. Get connected with Yung Donn and find out how to download his mixtape #SNAPCHAT ''donn_evans''#INSTAGRAM ''YungDonn_BLR"#TWITTER ''@ Donnevansblr. 

Catch Dreams tonight 6pm on 100.3 The Beat or on the iHeartRadio App

*Explicit Language*



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