Goodwill Easter Seals Gulf Coast

I've written before about my son who has unofficially been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (the road to the final official diagnosis is a long ways off). The first thing I have to explain whenever people are curious about his lack of verbal communication and they hear the word autism is he has no mental impairment. Now, that does not mean people on the spectrum don't experience mental impairment, after all, it's called a spectrum because it's different from person to person. 

For my son, his social and senses are affected. Touching his head is extremely overwhelming so if you lack patience for crying, screaming kids and you see us in your barber shop just gather your things and leave. 

He's also had trouble verbally communicating but thanks to Speech Therapist with Gulf Coast Goodwill Easter Seals he's made serious strides. Yesterday was yet another great achievement and the pick-me-up I needed. I go to pick him up and his teacher was so excited to report he used words to identify pictures! The next day he recognized his name!


My son will age out of this program at 3 and go into private services. If you have a child under 3 and you're concerned about their speech development I encourage you to seek out this program. Insurance and Medicaid are accepted. A coordinator will come out, evaluate your child, and help you figure out what's the next best move for you family. Check out the Gulf Coast Focus podcast that provides all of the contact information. Or follow this link



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