Self-Care Sundays

I don't care what those Instagram meme's say I will always look forward to the weekend! Dope job or not there's nothing like a good late morning and a whole lot of laziness. 

Think about it, work not matter how much you enjoy the job can be stressful and hectic. Then life is all "here's some more crap to keep you on your toes muhahah" and by Friday you're ready to send the week to hell in a Hennessy bottle *drink responsibly*.

How often have you invested in your self-care on the weekend? Daily? It's pretty easy actually and maybe you have without realizing it. I like a good stretch before I get in bed at night because 1. it helps me sleep better, 2. it helps me release the days' tension so I don't dream about the boogie man. 

Now Sundays I kick self-care into over drive! I eat a good indulgent breakfast that would use every Weight Watchers point I ever had if I actually stuck to a diet after Friday at noon.

I do a weekly facial, wash my hair, exercise, listen to a chill playlist, sit in the shade and watch my kid play. I totally relax and forget I have a job. When you first start you'll find it's a little tough and you have to intentionally relax. Sounds crazy but you'll see. We're so used to giving we forget to take. Taking kinda feels wrong like you some kind of savage.

The feeling will pass and you will make it a habit. After all, how can you save the world on E?


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