4 Emmys for Ava and Common achieves EGO

Do you care about the Creative Emmys? Probably not which is fine because generally neither do I. The only reason I care today? AVA DUVERNAY! She is to me what Beyonce is to the hive. 

I have film making ambitions and this woman is goals af! This weekend Ava took home 4 Emmys for her documentary 13th. DuVernay picked up the award for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Special.

“It was a beautiful process,” she said, “but it was an emotional process to steep yourself in,” referencing the 100 years of racial oppression documented in 13th.

Now this conversation can not end without acknowledging rapper Common who has an Emmy, Oscar, and Grammys! All three awards create the super acronym EGO and very few people in the business can claim EGO. Now all there's left to do is take home a Tony and he will join the even more exclusive club of greats who sip bougie tea at club EGOT. By the way, Whoopi Goldberg is the first and only black person in club EGOT.



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