Is Micheal B Jordan Cancelled Over Non-Black Girlfirend

Marvels first mainstream Black superhero will make his way to the big screen next month (Feb 18). Part of the pride is the hero, the other part is the cast of the Black Panther movie. Boasting a mostly Black cast for a major budget movie is a very big deal. It's no wonder everybody involved is expected to stay #hellaBlackhellaproud so that maybe why cast member Micheal B. Jordan is under fire.

All it took was JasmineBrand reporting that the 30-year-old Creed actor's girlfriend is Ashlyn Castro was a non-Black woman and all Black Twitter hell broke lose. There are women who still call him bae. Some ready to cancel him and the movie. Then you have those who don't care who his girlfriend is because is not them. Of course, no twitter scandal is complete without those who aren't on either side but love a good shady opportunity. 


I think it's safe to say as long as he's yummy and has that "he can me my momma and he can get it" charm, he'll be fine. 


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