Lupe Fiasco Accuses K. Dot of Biting His Style

Lupe Fiasco is known for igniting twitter debates about...well hell everything from politics to science or life in general. The shocker isn't he's stirring the pot, it's him tweeting Kendrick Lamar isn't as great as he boast. 

In a series of tweets that eventually got deleted Fiasco said "I’ll put it to you like this. K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars,” he reportedly tweeted, according to Consequence of Sound. “His overall lyrics are good, his stories phenomenal, but punchline entendre lyrically I don’t see it."

Maybe his beef with Kung Fu Kenny is the whole he was into ninja's and kung fu first....nah that's too petty even for Lupe. Maybe it's the whole "Kendrick stole my album cover". When the SZA assisted single, All the Stars, dropped for the first single off Marvel's Black Panther's soundtrack Lupe tweeted then deleted a side by side comparison. 

Yesterday, Lupe tweeted and deleted his opinion on the new Kendrick Lamar and SZA collaborative "All The Stars", which is the lead single from the soundtrack to the new "Black Panther" film. Apparently, feels that the artwork for the single is "a little too close for comfort" and posted a side by side photo of the artwork and the album cover for his upcoming album Drogas Wave. What do we think? Is Lupe overreacting or is he making a valid point?

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Kendrick hasn't responded but TDE has. 



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