Man Robs Wing Stop to Get Rick Ross's Attention

A few months ago Mobile brothers Pikasso and Ziare caught the eye of MMG CEO Rick Ross with a commercial for one of his Wing Stop Franchises. 


Cedric Miller, a Memphis rapper took a different approach. He robbed a Wing Stop.  He did it to get his start in the music biz by getting the attention of Rick Ross, who owns the joint.

Cops had little trouble tracking down Miller, who robbed the Wing Stop last Friday night. When questioned, he said he simply wanted to get in contact with Ross, who opened the place in 2012. He was booked after several witnesses identified him in a police lineup. Customer Cameron Blaine told local TV station WREG, “That’s a ridiculous way to get someone’s attention. How are you going to get his attention sitting in jail?"

Full story at WREG


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