Wreckage of the Clotilda Possibly Found

Most of us shivered and gripped about the cold weather the "Bomb Cyclone" dropped on our area but cold weather wasn't the only thing she was bringing. 

In an area generally covered in water but thanks to low tide brought on by the cyclone, the remains of what is believe to be the Clotilda lay in mud exposed to the service. 

The schooner Clotilda is the last known United States slave ship to bring kidnapped, free people from Africa to the United States to enslave them. 

*I say kidnapped because they weren't slaves until they touched this soil and it's time we stop pretending history is a magical tale of valor and freedom*

What's left of the ship lies partially buried in mud alongside an island in the lower Mobile-Tensaw Delta, a few miles north of the city of Mobile. -Ben Raines AL.com

Eventually the survivors of the ship would create their own society known as Africatown

"Even though it's a terrible story, it's uplifting," historian Sylviane Diouf said in a 2007 Press-Register interview about her groundbreaking book on the subject. "It's not about what was done to them. It's about what they did. They came as children, maintained their traditions, their language. If they could do that, we can do anything."


In the end some of us are here via a wager like Quest love said....



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