Juicing Ain't for Everybody

I feel like I'm doing pretty good with my "lose weight for 2018" resolution. Seriously I've been resoluting this same resolution sine 2016 without much success. Recently I've been hyper focused on the food I eat because I can do the exersise part but food..

Food knowledge has been my savior but I still get caught by the gimmicks just like anybody that has done a weight loss program long term. This weekend I tried one of those ridiculous juice/smoothie fast and I was not here for it. 

For one depriving your body of calories can eventually cause the reverse effect because eventually your body enters starvation mode and starts holding on to fats to keep it functioning. That's just half the story. If you ever stray from that super low calorie diet the weight shows up hella fast!

I started the juicing on Saturday morning. At first I was fine but by lunch time I was starving!!! So I decided to have fruit. That made me hungrier. I tried raw almonds but of course ya girl was too hungry to be pleased!. By 5pm I was over the shenanigans and treated my self to a healthy meal with all the food groups that would be healthy.

At the end of it all some people can do juice/smoothies and see results. Some people like me go high protein, high fiber and get results. See, I wanted to build muscle but also correct my janky digestive system. I did the research and found out what my body needed for the results I wanted. So before you jump into the loose weight fast diet get to googling and find out what will legit work for you. Everybody is different and everybody needs something different. 


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